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Bahamian recording artist Ya Tafari is an award-winning composer and performer of relaxation, jazz, and Caribbean music. As a multi-instrumentalist with a fan base stretching from Freeport Bahamas to Detroit, Ya Tafari has had a long tradition in presenting in his music a broad range of influences. Utopia is Ya Tafari's follow-up album of relaxation and rhythmic chill instrumentals for the mind, body, and spirit. Whether as a respite from the rigors of the day, a musical environment for personal reflection, or as a catalyst for getting in the right mood, Utopia offers a progression of effortlessly engaging aural landscapes. Enjoy the instrumental music of Ya Tafari.

A collection of instrumental music for the mind, body, and spirit
© 2011 Biowave® & Yaqob Tafari Makuannen
All songs written and performed by Yaqob Tafari Makuannen
Mastered by John Palmer at Andro-Media®
Photographs of Lake Charlevoix by John Palmer
Manufactured in the USA under exclusive worldwide license by MEGAWAVE Corporation, P.O. Box 15219, Lansing, Michigan 48901-5219 USA
1. East Dimension 7:12
2. Harp of the Seventh Heaven 9:08
3. Dancing Stars 7:24
4. Utopia 10:26
5. Walk On the Sea 11:59
6. Travelling East 11:23
7. Swing High Sweet Chariot 13:15
8. Mansions Worlds 5:12


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