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Millennium album cover Utopia album cover Bath & Beauty Music album cover Duets album cover
Ya Tafari - Millennium - BIOW 0012
Ya Tafari - Utopia - BIOW 0022
Ya Tafari - Bath & Beauty Music: Volume One - BIOW 0032
Omni Uno - Duets Special Edition- BIOW 0042
Whether as a respite from the rigors of the day, a musical environment for personal reflection, or as a catalyst for getting in the right mood, Millennium offers a progression of effortlessly engaging aural landscapes.
Utopia is Ya Tafari's follow-up album of relaxation and rhythmic chill instrumentals for the mind, body, and spirit.
Bath & Beauty Music: Volume One is the first of three volumes featuring the African cora, kalimba, African and Native American wood flutes, harp, zither, synthesized bassoon and soprano saxophone, chimes, wind chimes, bells, and water stick.
This high resolution audio special edition of Duets by Omni Uno is a unique collection of original cello and electronic piano compositions that are cerebral and imbued with emotion.



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